Felix Blaschke

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Software Engineer, living near Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Auto-updating web service in Dart
Recently I did some experiments with Dart. I wanted to have a HTTP server that can provide frontend code and some simple backend logic. Everything should run on a virtual private server (v-server).
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Riverpod simplified
I am a huge fan of Riverpod (by Remi Rousselet). Not just because of all the advanced features, but because it's so darn simple to use. Unfortunately the official documentation isn't beginner-focused, yet. That's why I want to dedicate an article to this underrated package.
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Huge upgrade for your Flutter animations
With the today's release of Simple Animations 2.5.0 a lot of new features coming to all Flutter developers. The last months I challenged myself in doing really complex animations and tried to use the existing tooling of the simple_animations package. I figured out, there was some room for improvements.
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